High flying broadband

I have been reading about airliners implementing WLAN and broadband in their planes, but never tried it. I know the tecnology, and I have been using mail since 1992. Still, it was somewhat special when I just recieved a mail from a coworker.

He is on his way to somwhere far east and is right now 11 000 m over Mongolia.
He is sitting there, 11 000 meters over Mongolia, watching Norwegian TV, listening to his favourite radio channels and sending email to his coworkers.

I was pretty impressed when I travelled with Singapore Airlines from Penang to Singapore back in 1999. They was very early in including personal entertainment in all seats, including computer games and a broad selection of movies. But, having broadband internet while flying is of course quite unbeatable. Now we’re talking! For a long flight, I am without doubt willing to pay extra for that kind of functionallity.

My friend is flying SAS, but as far as I know more airliners plan to include broadband on board.

Well, add "choose an airliner with broadband on board" to my current
list of travel essentials for long commutes:

– Active noise cancelling headphones
– A bottle of tabasco (to give the airline food some taste)
– The latest number of Wired
– Patience

High flying broadband

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