How to completely reset your series 60 Nokia Mobile

I always have to google this when my phone needs a complete reset, so for future reference, here it is.

You simply enter the numbers mentioned here like they where a phone number.

From Bjoern at the MobileMedia forum:

Normal Reset (*#7780#) : Restores ini files from rom but preserves user data (photos, 3rd party apps etc)

Deep Reset (*#7370#) : This reformats completely the C: drive. All applications and files stored on this drive will be lost and clean default files will be rewritten.

In both case, the phone will ask you a confirmation and you will have to enter a security code (12345 by default).

How to completely reset your series 60 Nokia Mobile

18 thoughts on “How to completely reset your series 60 Nokia Mobile

  1. Pavan says:

    i have forgotten my security code. I am trying with another sim card, but still it is not working. How can i reset security code in Nokia 8250. Right now it is at thelevel of asking the security code.

  2. hi, i took have a 6630 and not that i have problems wif my phone but i noticed some thing is taking up 8.5mb of the internal phone memory and i wanted to find out how to view all files on the phone. most of my stuff is on mmc card so i know its not my files that is taking up that much space on the phone. how much memory does urs take up after a clean format? i just wanted to make sure, when u say clean default files will be rewritten means as what u wrote? sorry a little paraniod as my phone was given to me as a present. so yeah kinda dun want to have to head down to the nokia center just to have them fix it for me 😉 thanks.

  3. Michegianni says:

    I can provide a master security code for almost all Nokia phones which will override any other codes and give access.

    This is a special master code based on the phone’s IMEI.

    Email me: m_svircev[at]hotmail[dot]com

  4. Luís says:

    Can you help me I have one 2650 Nokia phone and I Don’t remember the security code, the imei is: 354301001235039

  5. I am sorry but I can’t help people that want to bypass the security code. I know that it’s possible to loose it and end up in a situation where you have to reset it. Then you have to return the phone to the shop where it was bought.

    Unfortunately many people with stolen phones need the security code hacked and I don’t want my site to be an exchange for that kind of activity.

    This post is to help people that want to reset the software and settings, not the security code.

    I have edited some of the comments and will delete any further questions about resetting the security code.

    I am sorry for any inconvenience for the people that only wanted to get some help with their legally obtained phones.

  6. Please read my previous comment:

    This post is to help people that want to reset the software and settings, not the security code.

    And now I have to add: no, I can not help anyone with the IMEI number either!

  7. Gopi says:

    U guys want to hack your phone for the security code, no probs i’ll know how to do this, i have a program that can generate, the release code, so if u want it email me your imei no., but i’ll have to seek some id and only applicable for malaysia only, for foreign i can try, email me at

    and i also will have to check whether phones are stolen or not, so u’ll have to wait , and read erikso’s msg…cannot be revealed right away . terms and condition apply.

  8. tj says:

    can u please tell me how to make my simcard work on my phone. beacause since my little cousin put it in orange jucie it stays offline its a nokia 6630 u can call me on 07908393702

  9. Deben says:

    I have nokia 6630 .It doesnot read SIM card. And I forgot security code of phone not of sim card . So please help me to reset my security code.

  10. I hate to delete comments, but from now on I will start to simply delete any questions about help to reset the master security code in this thread.

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