Banned video on Google

I recently posted some thoughts on the fact that Google Video just released their own video plugin. So of course I had to download it and try it out.

My first impression:
– At this point only available for windows
– Easy to install
– Very basic functionallity:
a) The videos play directly in the browser
b) You can click the video for fullscreen

Huge amounts of the videos are not available for playback yet. I guess it is due to the non existent payment system.

However, as mentioned in my previous article I do not think that this is going to be a success before Google adds an interface that fits into a more traditional setting for use of video content. In other words, a frontend for the different media center systems out there.

A video banned by the Norwegian government
While browsing around the videos I searched for the keyword “Norway” and deep down I suddenly found a music video by a Norwegian rap group called “Gatas parlament” (The parliament of the streets). From the description of the video at Google:

Protesting U.S. foreign policy, the Norwegian rap group Gatas Parlament created this video entitled “Kill Him Now.” Under pressure from the U.S., this was banned by the Norwegian government who claim that the video advocates direct violent action against President Bush, rather than peaceful protest. Consequently, it’s become a major free speech issue in Norway.

It says in the text that this is a subtitled version. But it is not. I don’t know if this is due to some kind of censorship from Google. If you want to see the subtitled version it can be found over here.

Interesting technology this internet thing. A video banned in Norway due to pressure from the US government now available to millions directly from an American company…

Banned video on Google

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