Herkko Heitanen and Lehtovaara – the story continues

I added the search phrase “Lehtovaara” to Trendmapper the day this case was featured on BoingBoing. The charts for Google, MSN Search and Yahoo all goes up. And what do you think? On Google the search for Lehtovaara got around 19 000 hits on June 27. Now it gets around 27 000 hits. Do you think the extra 8 000 hits are about the good service and nice food at Lehtovaara? The case is all over the internet and the bullying owner is doing interviews revealing that he don’t know anything about blogging. It’s back on BoingBoing and people are discussing and blogging on the story all over.

The question is how big the story has to get before this actually is good PR for the restaurant. If the story gets big enough people will actually go eating at Lehtovaara because it has become a novelty.

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Herkko Heitanen and Lehtovaara – the story continues

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