How to close all programs on a Nokia 6630 or 6680

Quite often I get a stupid message on my Nokia 6630 telling me that there is not enough memory and that I should close some programs. With no task manager and no simple way to know what programs are running this is a very annoying message! But, there actually is a very fast and simple way to close all programs. Simply open the memory card cover and close it again. As you might have noticed the Nokia actually closes all programs when you do that (to prevent loss of data if you remove the card).

How to close all programs on a Nokia 6630 or 6680

12 thoughts on “How to close all programs on a Nokia 6630 or 6680

  1. Hi

    Thanks for this! I have a 6630 and I’m always having this problem. Sometimes it gets so bad I can’t even access the menu.

    What are you going to upgrade to? I’m going for the N91


  2. mpz says:

    Hold the menu key for a second and a list of programs pops up. Move the selection to the program you want and hold C to terminate it. You can also use this as a shortcut to change between different programs quickly.

  3. tamuna says:

    hi my name is tamuna,i’m from Georgia,Tbilisi.. i have “nokia 6630” and my wish is – install “FC caller”,but i can not 😦 plz help.. what can i do?

    kiss u

  4. hi to every body bcoz diz is my first post.i have nokia 6630 am using dis from 4 month but am not satisfied wid the sound qulaity of diz 6630 if anybody knows how to bust/increase the volume/sound for this 6630 by using s/w. or anyelse…………………………plz help

  5. Magid says:

    hi pals….
    i m using NOKIA 6630 but i m worry … that how to increase the ringtone volume of this fone.. . .
    coz the volume is too slow …… plz help me and tell me how to increase the volume

  6. You adjust the ringtone volume you must access the settings of the profile you use:

    Tools -> Profile -> General (or the profile you want to adjust)

    There, you can choose ringtones, volume and adjust all the other settings for that profile.

  7. hi says:

    hi im just lurking around here.. i’m using an n91 but i cannot close the music player… the technique mentioned above is not applicable to my phone

  8. turbocrosser says:

    hy ,my 6680 cannot hold 2 or more applications ,when i open one tho other closes automatically , i have a 60 mb mmc please heeeeeeelp

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