Reaching the world

It never stops fascinating me where I can reach using the internet. I have done lots of presentations and it is always a thrill to comunicate to many people. The biggest presentation I have done so far was in front of about 1200 people.

That is nothing compared to the amount of people I reach with my blog. And, even doing international presentations while working for the consulting company Accenture, I never reached out to the same divere audience that I do through

My little comic strip about Bob the Millionaire is one of my most popular posts. I have fun using Babelfish and friends mastering other languages to try to understand what people have to say about my ramblings. My comic has even been translated into French. My wife speaks French and could confirm that the translation was well done.

And, I can even use my own blog to get help when more than 10 000 users reach my blog from a Duch web site and I don’t know what they are saying…

Now, I have some problems with this one and this one. Still, it is interesting to see that people from all over the world reach my page!

Reaching the world

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