How to modify your Nokia headset to accept your favourite headphones

I am syncing my podcasts onto my mobile. I have found the perfect software MP3-player. The final step in my quest to make a good device for podcast listening out of my Nokia 6630. I am now modifying my Nokia Handsfree set to accept standard headphones. All I have to do is to open the little box containing the mic and mount a standard minijack connector.

By doing it that way I will keep both the mic and the button that lets you answer calls.

All the pictures in this guide can be clicked to give you a closer look. And, for readers in countries with stupid legal systems I will have to mention that I do not take any responsibility for you destroying your new hansdfee while trying to apply what I have described here. That said, if you have ever laid your hands on a soldering iron, this is as easy as drinking a good dry martini.

This guide was inspired by this post in the HowardForums. If you have an Ericsson headset that post will help you out.

Let’s start

Use a small screwdriver to open the cover. On my headset it was tightened with a small amount of glue. It was no problem to carefully open it without destroying it.

Open it carefully. You will clearly see the mic and the switch. The interesting stuff is on the back of the board. Flip it back carefully from the top.

Now you can see where the headphones are connected. The four cables are connected to points clearly marked: L+, L-, R+ and R-.

Pick up your soldering iron and remove the old headphones.

I used an extension cable for headsets that also featured a volume control with a small clip so that I can clip the device onto my jacket. This will let the mic be placed in a useful position as well. The pin layout for a minijack is: tip=left, ring=right, sleve=ground. You can of course use any female minijack. Just make sure you know what cables is left, right and ground.

I made a hole in the plastic to be able to insert the new cable. Solder the cable connected to the tip contact point to the place on the board marked L+, the cable connected to the ring to R+ and the ground cable to one of the negative connections, left or right. Here you can see that I have used L+, R+ and only L- for the ground connection.

Depending on what kind of cable there is on your new connection you might want to throw in a drop of glue at the spot where it leaves the box. You want it to sit tight so this baby will last through all the extreme sports you do while listening to the Engadget podcast on your mobile.. You might also want to use some drops of glue on the case itself.

It will clip nicely back together, but you know – that 360 mute grab on your new pair of skis might put some strain on your equipment…

Now I can connect my Creative Travelsound to transform my Nokia into a ghettoblaster. I can connect my Sony noise cancelling earbuds and I can even borrow my wife’s PortaPro and look cool in the park. Or, how about using an FM SoundFeeder to listen to whatever I want to from my mobile in my car?

The mic still works fine, and when using the phone as a …phone, all the people I talk to sound great as well!

How to modify your Nokia headset to accept your favourite headphones

33 thoughts on “How to modify your Nokia headset to accept your favourite headphones

  1. Matthias Müller says:

    hey! thanks for this great guide!
    I tried it as well and it works really fine.
    the increase in sound quality is amazing!

  2. […] The new one (to the right) iPod 60GIG. Music, photo and video. Yes, I have managed to turn my mobile phone into a cool device for podcast listening, but there’s no doubt. For convenience, usability, battery life and sound quality. My new iPod’s podcasting capabilities are fantastic. And, I am actually already amazed over the development within the video podcast scene. Already some high quality content out there. Among other stuff, a fun revisit to the Happy Tree Friends. I had nearly forgot about those guys. […]

  3. Would it be terribly wrong of me to point out that no soldering is involved in getting the Sony Ericsson W800i do to the exact same thing?

    While the iPod is a sleak gadget, I have to admit that my Sony Ericsson W800i actually trumphs the iPod, at least if you dont have to carry more than 2GB of songs with you at any time. The only thing Sony Ericsson should look at is getting some better playlist and synch solutions for the phone. The one they ship with the phone now sucks. I have made my own manual solution with a memory card reader and using the same folder setup that Sony Ericsson uses with their software. I have also seen that its possible to do the same with Winamp – but since Winamp isnt my prefered tool for keeping track of songs and such its not become my choise.

    Something like iTunes that would work with the Sony Ericsson would be super.

  4. Would it be terribly wrong of me to point out that no soldering is involved in getting the Sony Ericsson W800i do to the exact same thing?

    No. Not wrong at all. Making a music player out of a 6630 is possible, but it will not be perfect.

    Some of the problems are the same as what you describe for the W800i. The software is not good enough. Using a third party software MP3 player solved some of the problems. Still, syncing is not easy enough. I would really like to sync the music through bluetooth automatically. That is something that I have not managed yet.

  5. farhan says:

    hey i have a good info for u people, there is a music edition available for nokia 6630, it has a jack through which u can connect ur own 3.5 mm headset with this phone, no need to open the standard headsets.

  6. kitk says:

    Cool, can’t wait to try it on my Nokia 6680. OggPlay is nice, and now I’ll have some decent headphones to compliment it. Thanks!

  7. kitk says:

    Update: Nokia must’ve read this tip, ’cause man did they slobber the glue all over the case! But not enough to make your advice impossible; it worked as advertised-thanks again. What a difference good headphones make.

  8. for readers in countries with stupid legal systems

    Hmmm….think I should explore anti-trust and competition laws to squeeze a new handset from Nokia.

  9. Jitu says:

    hey thanks everybody. this helped me a lot. actually it will cause i am going to open up my included headphone with my 3230 to modify it.

  10. I am afraid I don’t know if this works with the 6230i. Have a look at the images, if your headset looks like the one in this article you could give it a try…

  11. varun says:

    can u plz help me with nokia 6708 headset..
    i have got a sony headphone that is so amazing and m just dying to get it connected with ma phone..

    waiting for your reply..

  12. RadicalX says:

    Wow! i cant wait to do this. im planning to buy HS-23 for my Nokia6630. for now i just upgraded my 6630 music edition but unlucky i just made it to 6.03.40 but not the music edition.. and i found that in music edition only theres a new music player for the symbian os.

    for best quality of sound i recommend you to install PowerMP3 the new version.. i forgot the version #.

    one thing about the extension cables.. i see the option stereo and mono with adjustable VOLUME control.. does it increase the SOUND QUALITY?

    do anything of you here recommend for a good headphone?
    thank you…

  13. one thing about the extension cables.. i see the option stereo and mono with adjustable VOLUME control.. does it increase the SOUND QUALITY?

    I don’t think so. It’s just practical. I like the physical volume control.

  14. RadicalX says:

    Thanks for the Very quick reply.. im now going to do this stuff next week but 1st i have to find some extension cable just like yours… and buy that Creative ear piece with 9mm sound quality on it.. i hope this work and gain more sound and bass tone.. great job.. i like this post.. i got 6630 and i love the design….

  15. Yousuf Mohammed says:

    I would like to know will dis work with Nokia N73 Headset.
    I have opened my HeadPhones and its connection parameters are the same.

  16. eirikso says:

    I have no ides, but if you find the same connections in there I guess it would work. Please report back here if you go thorugh with the mod and it works on your N73

  17. Micky says:

    How can i modify the other nokia hand free model (the onw who has volume control) I’d like to change this earphones.


  18. Niñ0 says:

    ijust want to know if the sound is isolated.
    i mean is there no effect in the left-center-right sound?
    Is it still stereo?
    or has it become mono?
    here is a file i made to test if the sound is stereo or not.
    i isolated the left to right sound.

    please tell me the results a.s.a.p.

    i want to know it before i modify my headset.

  19. I’ve switched to an iPhone years ago, so unfortunately I can’t test your file. But the solution keeps stereo just like it would be with the original headphones. (As long as you do the soldering right)

  20. bruno says:

    i would like to know if anyone knows or knows were i can find the connection sketch or wire configuration… I am trying to build my own amplified headphones for my n73
    my problem is that I dont know which connection (on the phone it self) is the 3.7v baterie access. i already know whith is the mic connection, ground, the right and the left for sound but i have no clue for power


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