Media Center – A very worn out term

Western Digital, please stop making my work difficult!

I just bought a new external hard drive. It is a USB2/FW 250GIG Western Digital with a built in card reader. I repeat, a hard drive with a card reader.

I am doing lots of presentations and travel around trying to explain new media and technologies for my audience. A Media Center is one of the terms I try to explain these days. Of course it’s difficult to make clear definitions on terms like that, but usually there is a basic explanation somwhere in the simplification of the technology.

For the term “Media Center” that includes something like “…a box that lets you play several different types of media. Usually designed to reside in your living room…”

It’s actually easier to say what types of devices that in no way could be described as a Media Center. And, a hard drive with a card reader is not a Media Center. Still, that’s what Western Digital calls my new hard drive.

Stupid, stupid people. You confuse the consumers. And you make my work difficult.

But – who cares? The biggest newspaper in Norway – “Verdens Gang” has a blog in their printed paper…. Aaaargh!

Media Center – A very worn out term

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