Make war, not love!

It’s old news, but a mod for “Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas” expands the game with some extra functionallity that actually lets the character you are playing make love. The game in it’s original state lets your character kill people, deal drugs, steal cars, shoot, knock people out etc.. For the americans, the original functionallity is OK. The game had a rating of “M” (Mature), that means suitable for people of 17 or older.

The odd thing is that the so called “hotcoffee” mod that added the functionallity for making love made the americans go completely mad. They are taking the game off the shelves and have changed the rating to “AO” (Adults Only), that is 18 years and over. The highest level possible.

As the brilliant Maddox states it:

I want to shoot people in the face, bang prostitutes, traffic drugs, steal cars, and terrorize police officers without this filthy smut in my game.

Now, I am reading that the FBI seems to find the war on porn more important than the war on terror.

Mostly I actually like Americans and some important parts of their culture, but this is just completely insane…

Make war, not love!

6 thoughts on “Make war, not love!

  1. Mark says:

    I’m American, and I completey agree with you! Won’t be to many more years and nobody will care about America anyway as China will be the new super-power if things keep going the way they are. Too bad the EU can’t get their act together or they may have given China a run for there money.

  2. tom says:

    now the war on porn is odd. cause obscenity laws are to protect a community.let say run porn site out of home.
    ware the content is bought wholsale or supplied from 3rd party or simply me and my wife doing in front of camra. obscenity laws do not apply because my website is just as accessible by next door naighber as is some guy in new york or idaho but thare are so many community standerds thare the internet would become well g grated would be a under statement oh ya my son has hand fetish so eveyone in his school has to ware big clonky gloves but my doughter has glove fetish!!!!

    and since the internet is global network should india be alowed to force all women to cover thair faces on the internet dont any mention that india has fiterd out all porn because they done by negative filtering so if site is not a list it is automatically baned in india so unles some authority has screened the site of it would be banned until it screened and it could banned again if some poeple complain that it is obscene this would never work in america


    all poeple have the freedom of speech unless other wise dictated by law. all speech is protected unless other wise dictated by law

  3. mr. pimp says:

    fuck you fuck them,fuck all of u,im goin to blow up my school and kill everyone,this fucking game has trained me so that i will kill thousnds of helpless people… SCREW THE CHINKS

  4. ME says:

    yooo MR. Pimp, be carful!!!! the FBI or CIA is probably looking for you right now for making that remark. KILL EVRYONE!! YEIII πŸ˜€

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