Pandora – Music recommendation radio that works

I just started playing around with Pandora, a recommendation radio built on the Music Genome Project. Just wanted to share that this is the first time I have tried a recommendation radio that actually works and that actually recommends stuff that I like! After my first half hour of use it seems a bit US-focused, but I’ll have to try it out some more before I can jump to any conclusions.

This is a service that meets some of the most basic requirements for something that could be a hit:
1. It is easy to understand the concept
2. It is easy to use
3. The price seems right

Unfortunately, the sound quality is not perfect, but I guess that will be better as time goes by and the general quality goes up regarding network speed, cost of storage etc… Now, could you give me Pandora for my Media Center please?

Pandora – Music recommendation radio that works

5 thoughts on “Pandora – Music recommendation radio that works

  1. I played around with Pandora and decided to subscribe, the recommendation engine keeps bringing up cool new artists and there are no commercials, so for me it was well worth the $36/year. Hope they get rid of the flash player at some point though…

  2. I sent them an email suggesting a Mediacenter friendly user interface. They actually answered right away and assured me that this was improvements they would consider.

    Time will show. I would love Pandora right in my Media Center.

    If they make a fullscreen web based GUI that is easy to navigate with the arrow keys and “enter” they would suddenly be compatible with MCE, Meedio, Beyond Media, Media Portal and most other media center softwares out there.

  3. Ugumba says:

    The Flash interface accepts key commands, so it might be possible to hack it out with the MCE remote (I haven’t tried yet):

    left arrow: next recommendation
    up/down arrow: adjust volume
    +: I like it
    -: I don’t like it

    I haven’t found any keys to change “channels”. I’ve backed up your request for an MCE interface.

  4. RAM says:

    Hey I just wanted to say that I’m in love with Pandora, it’s not one of my home pages. I don’t remember the last time I went back to winamp/shoutcast since I found Pandora.

    I hope it stays free.


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