Panoramio – place your pictures on Google maps


I have mentioned GeoBloggers here before. Now meet Panoramio, a similar and very user friendly service. It lets you place your pictures by simply click the map and upload.

Very nice navigation, search function and cool layout for the pictures with both the picture, satellite photo and map.

As a test, I just uploaded a beautiful picture from the Sognefjord in Norway. And of course I had to upload the picture of Odda as well.

The name Panoramio does not indicate that the pictures you upload have to be panoramas. (Even if my picture of the Sognefjord is a nice – yes… panorama.)

Panoramio – place your pictures on Google maps

3 thoughts on “Panoramio – place your pictures on Google maps

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  2. Panoramio pictures inside Google Maps is like an invasion of blue dots.I just dont want it, It affects street view nav. Make it user switchable, yes or no, let the user decide it, if he she wants it or not 😦

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