Interior design and home theaters

Mastiff Home Theatre

I remember a comment in a forum at a point where the talented Mr. Mastiff posted some pictures from his impressive home theatre. He had a question about some technical issues and the first answer was something like:

“You should not concentrate on the tecnical problems. You should have a serious talk with your interior designer.”

I would agree on that comment, but interior design is something very personal and something that many of us have quite a bit of possibilities controlling. And we do. And the brilliant Mastiff, owner of the home theatre in question here likes it. So, he don’t need to talk with an interior designer.

I follow huge amounts of home theatre blogs and forums. It is a strong tradition to post pictures and specs of home theatres on the net. That’s a very nice tradition and helps people solve problems, get inspiration and comment on the work that has been done. And, if you look past the technical issues, these pictures can be quite interesting cultural studies as well.

Living Room Computer

I used a picture from our own living room in a previous post. One of the comments was:

Wait, your LIVING room? How in the world did sneak a conference table and chairs into your living room without getting thrown out of the house!

Fantastic. And I can understand that comment as well. Still, urban Scandinavian interior design is something quite different from American interior design or rural Scandinavian interior design. And, fortunately your own home is something that you can control quite well. Mastiff likes coulour and pinewood. I like black, white and clean surfaces. Now have fun looking at some Norwegian Home Theatres: AVForum min hjemmekino. Never mind the strange norwegian language. It’s the pictures you’re after.

Interior design and home theaters

3 thoughts on “Interior design and home theaters

  1. Paul says:

    Ok, those pictures are just awesome! I love it when I get inspiration on designs. What a cool setup. Every time I think I know how I want to decorate my new apartment, I find a site like this that has a few pictures and changes everything! 🙂

    I love the wall lights in the second picture. Really cool looking. It is amazing what light can do for a room. Really nice, thanks a ton for the ideas.


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