Now I really need your help :-)


Update: I actually won the competition!

This blog, has been nominated by one of the biggest newspapers in Norway (Dagbladet) to the prestigious title “Gullbloggen”, or in plain english: they want to find the best Norwegian blogs.

First, huge amounts of blogs where nominated by the readers of Dagbladet. Then, a panel of experts selected three blogs in the following categories:
1. Politics
2. Technology
3. “Under 20”
4. Open Category

Actually, I did not know about this, and would like to thank the person that nominated under “Technology”.

The other nominated blogs in the technology category are in Norwegian, but very interesting as well:
Espen Andersen: Tversover
Jo Christian Oterhal: Jo Christian Oterhals’ søkeblogg

Of course, now I need your votes! The page is in Norwegian, but I have provided some nice instructions and translations. Click the image to see a bigger version:

Gullbloggen Instructions

Then you vote for here.

And, for the people that need a reason to vote for this particular blog, here are some posts to give you an impression of this site:

My insane, yet slightly interesting experiment with images:
Everything you would ever want to see

The story of Bob the Millionaire:
How Bob the Millionaire became a pirate

Help for the people that need to know more about all this talk about blogging, flickr,, BoingBoing, RSS etc…
Help for “the left behind”

A quick list of links with help for building a home theatre:

A quick update on the home theatre

Some fantastic vintage computer ads:
Whatever happens in the future it will fit into this space

Help for the people trying to make interesting presentations:
How to avoid making boring presentations

Now I really need your help :-)

16 thoughts on “Now I really need your help :-)

  1. Ingen gullblogg for bedrifter

    De nominerte til Gullbloggen er kunngjort med stor brask og bram, inndelt i fire kategorier: Politikk, Tekno, U20 og Ã…pen klasse. Det er verdt Ã¥ merke seg at det i kÃ¥ringen ikke er egne kategorier for bedrifter og organisasjoner. Likevel…

  2. Simon says:

    I doubt there’d be many Australian beef cattle farmers like myself voting for you in Gullbloggen Eirik however I’ve proudly cast my vote for your essential site. Thanks for the impromptu Norwegian lesson too. Regards, Simon Bedak “Lorraine”, Wagga Wagga, NSW Australia

  3. This is so freakin’ cool that I should win the contest on this vote alone!

    Thank you very much. Or, if you want another lesson in Norwegian:

    “Tusen takk!”
    (Directly translated to: “a thousand thanks” – that’s what we say for “Thank you very much” in Norwegian)

  4. The voting will close on the 4th of December. On the 6th they will reveal the site that won the price for best technology blog.

    So, right now I need as many votes as possible, and I have no idea how I am doing compared to the other sites…

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