Some food with all the technology

Right now I have quite a bit of Norwegian visitors coming over from the election of the best norwegian blogs over at Dagbladet. My blog has been nominated in the technology category. And yes, I am a geek. Still, I am seriously interested in what we eat and drink.

So, to compensate for all the technology I invite my norwegian readers over to my Norwegian Food Blog as well. For my international readers I give you a possibility to take a coffee break or maybe make some fantastic mustard.

For the people that still don’t care about all this food you can have a look at another interesting post on technology issues:
Hackers predicted the future of Apple back in 1999

Some food with all the technology

3 thoughts on “Some food with all the technology

  1. John Arthur says:

    It is fun to see a former co-worker (remember Accenture – Canal Digital?) and “Bergenser” competing for the best Norwegian techno blog. I’m also very happy to see evidence of NRK employee’s with their head screwed on properly… Good luck!

    (Now all I have to do is close down both my tech and food blog because I realise how much they both suck…)

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