One year outside our window

One Year in Norway

For the last year I have been taking a picture out of our living room window at random intervals. I have found a place in the window where the framing is almost identical for each picture. My plan is of course to edit this into a short video that will morph through the year.

While working on it I made this index overview. Even that one looks quite nice. It starts with a picture taken in the beginning of January 2005 top left and ends up with a picture taken december 2005 down to the right.

Here’s the video:
You find more information about how i did this here.

The high definition version is now available here.

I will post back here when I have finished the video. My plan is also to publish all the pictures so that you creative people out there can experiment with them as well.

All hints on software that could help when putting the video together is appreciated. Use the comment feature on this post.

And here are four pictures that describe the four different seasons very well.

Been there, bought the T-shirt.

Seasons - T-shirt

I want to keep on providing strange little projects like this one. I have a truly excellent hosting with Dreamhost. It’s cheap but not free. So, here’s the deal. This probably extremely limited edition T-shirt will give me a couple of euros to use on hosting and domain registration: Eirikso T-Shirts

And what’s that other T-Shirt? The guy with a bag on his head? Well, that’s Bill the Hacker. A character from another very popular post here on

Yes I know. This is pathetic. “His blog got digged and now he starts selling T-shirts“. How awful. Don’t be afraid. will not turn into a big shop. Making a commercial site out of this one will take the fun out of it. Consider this an experiment.

And why the limited edition? That comes as a natrual result of the fact that only a very limited amount of very intelligent people are going to buy it!

Please comment if you want me to set up a US shop as well. 🙂

One year outside our window

54 thoughts on “One year outside our window

  1. thats just fantastic!
    reminds me of the panama thingy posted on boingboing.
    search for it mate, the guy who framed the panama channel “actions”
    created a software to convert jpg to avi — i think.
    pretty sure it was made for the peecee though.
    — anyways, thank you for your inspiration 🙂

    manuel from

  2. I have now tried Photolapse. It is excellent if you have huge amounts of pictures taken at the exact same spot like the Panama-video.

    However, I have not used a tripod (couldn’t afford to have a digital camera dedicated at the same spot for a whole year). The pictures are taken at nearly the same place each time. And, I have only got around 60 pictures. With 30 fps that will only give two seconds of video.

    I think I need something to morph or at least dissolve the pictures through the year. I am currently experimenting with Sony Vegas Video and a simple dissolve.

    As far as I know there might be some cool plugins for After Effects that can do this stuff. Have to check that out as well.

  3. maybe you should layer ALL photos together into one mage in photoshop and try to re-align them BEFORE you do the morphing… huge amount of work though 😀

  4. If you follow manuels advice and realign them in Photoshop, it would a very easy task to import that Photoshop document into Final Cut Pro. FCP imports Photoshop files in layers: Every layer in Photoshop becomes a new videotrack in Final Cut Pro. Which of course is a dream if you want to animate or use effects on the layers.

  5. Using photoshop to align the pictures is a good idea. The trees makes it fairly easy to find the right position relative to the other picture.

    If Final Cut Pro eats the layered PSD directly that’s great.

    Quite a bit of work, but hey – this is one year of pictures. 🙂

    If I manage to align them and make one long smooth dissolve from picture to picture it could turn out quite nice.

    The pictures are all 3072 x 2304 pixels. This video deserves HD!

  6. matm says:

    beautiful!!! I am using your pics as my wallpaper now :).
    ( will allow you to easily create videos and picture collages and its free too…

  7. Cool. I’ll upload more of them soon. Currently I am using Adobe Photoshop Album for organizing, Flickr as my online tool and Sony Vegas Video as my video editing tool.

    Picasa has been getting very interesting lately. I’ll have to check out the latest version!

  8. Try to strech each photo after inserting it on the timeline. 1 Frame per Photo is a very short time. Experiment with 2-6 Frames/ same Photo… you don’t need 30 fps… 24 will do. Keep up the good work. This will get you a longer video 😀 try Adobe Premier, Ulead Media Studio as software.

  9. Very beautiful. Thank you for this.

    If you could share the images and/or the finished time-lapse video, as you mentioned, it would be much appreciated. I would love to experiment with these images within an interactive split-screen application that I’m writing.

  10. If you could share the images and/or the finished time-lapse video, as you mentioned, it would be much appreciated.

    I’ll see what I can do later this evening (Eastern US time)!

    I’ll post a new article (and update this one) when I have uploaded more footage.

  11. Trevor says:

    Very neat. There is scientific software available for free from the NIH – called imagej– that has a plugin to do image registration – the automated alignment of images based on landmarks within the images. It’s another way to make the images overlay correctly – not sure how it would deal with the changes in leaf / snow cover, but figured I’d leave a note. Good stuff!

  12. Norway seasons in timelapse movie

    A movie made from 44 pictures a guy took over a year from his window. Learn more about it here.
    Technorati Tags: norway, movie, photos, seasons, eirikso, gabbahead

  13. Very neat. There is scientific software available for free from the NIH – called imagej- that has a plugin to do image registration – the automated alignment of images based on landmarks within the images.

    Sounds interesting. I’ll have to do some experiments with these ones as well!

  14. […] Durante un año este individuo ha tomado fotografias a intervalos diferentes y finalmente ha compilado suficientes fotografias para formar un video del cambio de estaciones. Es maravilloso ver los cambios que la naturaleza lleva a cabo para vestir y desvestir a los arboles. Ver el Video Aqui. […]

  15. Katie says:

    Wow, that is really neat! 🙂
    Must have taken a long time to plan and make this, seeing as it develops throughout the year…But that really is amazing! 😀

  16. Junior Pascual says:

    How can I get a video file in .avi format of your seasons video for use as a background for a dance concert? I would have to modify to lengthen the video to last about 1.5 hours. Maybe to purchase?

    Junior Pascual

  17. Junior Pascual,

    I have answered this comment directly with a mail to the adress entered when you submitted the comment. If that adress is not the correct one, please contact me at webfeedback[at]eirikso[dot]com

  18. Hello Eirik,

    We’re an Audio Post Production company in Toronto, Ontario – Canada. We’re assembling our first Podcast and wanted it to showcase how we edit sound for picture. We thought that creating a soundscape for the four seasons would be a great way to transition from soundscape to soundscape so we went in search of time lapse photos and ended up at your Blog.

    We would like to use the four pictures you posted for a non-commercial podcast and we will credit you/your website in the end credits with your approval.

    Do we have your permission/blessing to use your breathtaking pictures?


    David & Heather

    PS – How’s the weather in Norway today?

  19. As long as it’s non commercial that’s completely OK. Just give credit and give me links to your finished product. You can now download all the original pictures here:
    One year up for download

    Please let me know if you need anything else.

    And the weather in Oslo right now? Record amounts of snow and around -10 degrees celcius… 🙂 You find some pictures here: A walk in the park

  20. Kriszta says:

    This is a great idea! I am the codirector of a non-profit Hungarian dance group, and in November we are putting on a program showing various Hungarian customs that occur in one year. May we use your images as part of a background slideshow letting the audience know “where we are” in the year? Of course we would cite you in the program book. Please let me know. Thank you!

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