Sleeptracker – experience so far


First impression
Very nice package. The watch itself looks better than expected. Feels quite well built.

Don’t consider this a complete review of the Sleeptracker. This is my first experience with a device that needs time before it is possible to judge the potential benefit or function of it.

I have now been a proud owner of a Sleeptracker for two weeks. The problem is that these two weeks has not been very representative for the typical days when I need an alarm clock. I am on a vacation and use my kids as alarm clocks. Why get up before you have to?

Of course, as a true geek I have tested the new gadget anyway.

The Sleeptracker is basically a quite simple device. As far as I understand it uses a motion sensor to track how you behave during sleep. You go trough different cycles and when sleeping heavily you don’t move much. During “light” sleep you move more. Simple as that.

Because of the kids I often have my sleep disturbed, and there is no doubt about the fact that the Sleeptracker keeps – yes, exactly – track of my sleep.

Sleeptracker close

So far, this function has been the one that I have had the chance to test thoroughly. When waking up you can read the times when the Sleeptracker has sensed “light” sleep. And, an average length of your cycles. These data is an indication on how good your sleep has been and can be used to figure out steps to take if you want to improve your sleeping habits.

Of course I miss a possibility to transfer the data to my computer automatically. You actually have to punch the data manually if you want to keep a track of your sleeping habits. Something that most of the geeks that buy this device would want.

I guess this also is the place to repeat what the Sleeptracker instruction manual says clearly: the Sleeptracker can not help people with sleeping disorders.

But, it can actually help you figure out if that last cup of coffee really is disturbing your sleep and details like that. Like I have experienced here in Florida. Down here with the typical Florida winter I sleep far better with the airconditioning turned off. Of course you can use standard biological measures like “how did I feel when waking up?” to figure out details like that, but I find the secrets of good sleep quite complicated and am already getting help from this little gadget.

Then – the main point of the device: wake you up at the prefect moment.
For reasons already mentioned I have not been able to test this functionallity very much. Guess I have to wait for regular boring days with work, day-care center, commuting, the dark Norwegian winter and lousy mornings getting up early…

Still, I must admit that the two times the Sleeptracker actually has had the chance to wake me up at what it thought was the perfect moment I have really felt it easier to get up.

I also have to repeat what I already have read in the other reviews. The Sleeptracker does not beep very loud. You really need a backup alarm as well. The reason for this is the fact that when things work and the tracker wake you up at the perfect moment you really don’t need a loud sound. And, if you happen to sleep in a room with another person he or she should not be disturbed by your Sleeptracker. You know – that person has his or her own Sleeptracker and wants to be waken up at the perfect moment as well…

I guess I’ll have to report back here later when I have tested the tracker on some regular and boring days back home.

Sleeptracker – experience so far

8 thoughts on “Sleeptracker – experience so far

  1. The problem is that I have absolutely no idea! That’s the extreme one. Must have been sleeping seriously good that night. On average I’m between 20 and 25.

  2. To keep a long story short. If you have kids waking you up really early every morning you don’t need an alarm clock at all… 🙂

    However, now we are more back to normal and I have taken the SleepTracker back out and have started testing it again. I promise to post back here in a week or so.

  3. Or both. Broke my promise because I forgot? Oh, well.

    The quick answer. If you sleep 4-5 hours each night this gadget won’t help you much. And, it says so clearly in the instructions. The sleeptracker will not help you sleep more. It will just wake you up at the perfect moment. For me, the last four years have been years of not enough sleep. You know. Small kids. So the sleeptracker doesn’t help me much. I’ll have to learn to go to bed earlier if I want this gadget to work.

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