High resolution index print of 2005

One year in pictures

I am honored by the huge interest for my little video experiment with pictures from 2005. Huge amounts of nice comments and suggestions. One of the suggestions was to make a version of the index print with a higher resolution. That was actually quite easy. I used a cheap little publishing software called PagePlus. It has a photo merge function and repeating fields for pages. I have made two versions.
Right-click and select “download” if you don’t want the PDF to open in your browser:
US Letter, 6 x 6 pictures, 600 DPI
A3, 6 x 6 pictures, 400 DPI

If you print this, use it somwhere or have any other ideas – please comment.

I will post back here when I have uploaded the HD-version of the video and all the original pictures so all you creative people out there can do other experiments as well.

Because providing these big files will eat a considerable amount of my bandwidth I repeat a little edit from the original post:

Been there, bought the T-shirt.

Seasons - T-shirt

I want to keep on providing strange little projects like this one. I have a truly excellent hosting with Dreamhost. It’s cheap but not free. So, here’s the deal. This probably extremely limited edition T-shirt will give me a couple of euros to use on hosting and domain registration: Eirikso T-Shirts

And what’s that other T-Shirt? The guy with a bag on his head? Well, that’s Bill the Hacker. A character from another very popular post here on eirikso.com.

Yes I know. This is pathetic. “His blog got digged and now he starts selling T-shirts“. How awful. Don’t be afraid. Eirikso.com will not turn into a big shop. Making a commercial site out of this one will take the fun out of it. Consider this an experiment. 🙂

And why the limited edition? That comes as a natrual result of the fact that only a very limited amount of very intelligent people are going to buy it!

Please comment if you want me to set up a US shop as well.

High resolution index print of 2005

2 thoughts on “High resolution index print of 2005

  1. […] Update: I have now uploaded a high resolution version of the index print as well: High resolution index print of 2005 44 pictures taken out of our window at random times of the day and at random intervals through the year. When taking the pictures I have placed the camera up in the corner of our living room window at a place where it gets nearly the same framing for each picture. Because it’s only nearly I aligned all of them in Photoshop. Then I put them on the timeline in Sony Vegas Video. I strethced them to 5 seconds each and added a simple dissolve between all the pictures. To align them in Photoshop you start with picture number one, put the next one on a layer above and makes it 50% transparent. Then you find a place in the picture that is as solid as possible and align the two pictures until you don’t have any “ghost image” around the solid parts. […]

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