A quick look at NRK’s new HD bus

HD1 Outside

I had a short peek inside today. It’s called HD1 and is a brand new bus for outside broadcast. Producing HD video and 5.1 sound. The total area inside the bus when fully extended is about 60 square meters. It has already been used during the Norwegian skiing championship last weekend. Next trip is for the winter olympics in Torino, Italy.

HD1 Inside

A quick look at NRK’s new HD bus

6 thoughts on “A quick look at NRK’s new HD bus

  1. Cool! I have been inside some regular TV buses broadcasting for Canal+ and they was cool for a hardware geek like me. This one here looks much more updated. Can’t wait for more HD channels to arrive so I get value for my NRK licensing fee.

  2. Where can i buy one?

    I think Sony can help you… 🙂

    For a true geek this is a piece of art!

    Fortunately this means that NRK will start to do productions in HD. No distribution channel yet, but that is bound to come. Maybe make a service where the geeks with powerful media centers can download the productions that are done in HD?

  3. Tomas says:

    Is this some kind of test-bus for getting experience with HD-broadcasts? Do they sell this content to other HD-distributors? In that case, I guess there are some nice anonymous HD-feeds on different satellites around…

    Waayhoo, the feed-cowboys unite!

    Did you get any indication if NRK will send the World Cup in HD? Maybe using this bus?

  4. […] but has over the last few year’s been doing HD productions. On eirikso.com you can read that NRK got their first HD bus back in 2006. Eirik Solheim (eirikso) is one of the writers on NRK’s technology blog NRKbeta. The popular […]

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