One year up for download

One year in pictures

I have now posted all the original pictures that I used to make my little time lapse experiment.

Who knows? There might be more creative ways to utilize 46 pictures of the same frame taken over one whole year…?

The pictures I have posted are the ones that I have adjusted to show the exact same framing. Unfortunately I lost the EXIF-information while editing the pictures in Photoshop. I used layers and didn’t plan my work good enough. All the pictures ended up with the EXIF info from picture number one…

If there’s any interest I can post the original files from the camera as well. They’re not perfectly adjusted, but have the original EXIF-info. In other words, they are stamped with the exact time and date taken.

For the people that want to make flash animations, print outs, web sites and whatever, here are the links:

1. Gallery with all the pictures, possibility for single picture download

2. All the pictures in one 90 MB ZIP-file

They are protected by the Creative Commons license on

So, use them for whatever non commercial project you want as long as you credit and give your new work the same open creative commons license.

For commercial use, please contact me:

One year up for download

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