Dagbladet today


Today there is an article about media centers in the norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. They have asked me about different solutions and give a quick overview of what all this is about.

I will also attend to a net meeting at dagbladet.no on tuesday 14th at 1300 CET. This meeting will be in Norwegian.

Please also feel free to post any questions or comments on this post in my blog.

To make it easier for Dagbladet’s readers I will give you a quick roundup of some media center links and advice:
The complete list of software solutions
A quick roundup of some of the systems I have tried
An update with links to other articles as well
Converting DVR-MS files from your media center
Placeshifting, your media everywhere!
Remote control your music collection in MCE
Everything in the HTPC category

The Goatse joke was already taken, so I chose to wear my BoingBoing tee. πŸ™‚

Link to the story on dagbladet.no (Thanks, Jon)

Dagbladet today

13 thoughts on “Dagbladet today

  1. Eirik in Dagbladet

    My friend Eirik is “cover boy” in Norwegian paper Dagbladet today. He won the award for best technoblog last year, and now he’s having a netmeeting on monday, answering people’s question about Media Center software. This is only…

  2. Hehe. In the world of blogs a permalink is a permalink. You should be able to link to a story and know that it will be there in its full glory for years. Apparently that is not the rule for traditional newspapers. I guess Dagbladet can’t afford new hard drives and have to cut costs by shrinking old pictures… πŸ™‚

  3. This is begining to be a while ago! I would appreciate if you could do a small round-up on what think of if your building a HTPC. That includes choice of tv and other equipment as well.

    Would there (in Norway and elsewhere) be some problems with hardware when the HDTV is being introduced? What specs. is the bottom line at the moment!

    And hey, just a breif round-up or a up-to-date presentation over more articles with different topics!

    And one more thing! Your are not the greatest advetisor for Mac! When do you come up with some experiences with the Mac and AppleTV?

  4. Yes, I know. So much interesting stuff to do. And only 24 hours a day. I will keep writing about Media Centers and home media technology here at eirikso.com, butI have to do some priorities regarding my time and haven’t been able to write as much as I would like about these issues lately.

    I have some interesting results from my tests with AppleTV and in general about using a Mac as a Media Center. I just need some time to write… I am afraid I can’t promise any date… But please check back regularly!

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