Run WinXP on a Mac


The contest is over. You can now run WinXP on the 17- and 20-inch iMacs, MacBook Pro, and new Mac Mini.

It’s just a question of time before someone manage to run MediaPortal, GBPVR, Meedio or a full Windows Media Center Edition on the new MacMini. A computer that has a seriously cool form factor as a media center. It looks good. It’s quiet.

Throw in two Hauppauge PVR-USB2 and a 1 TB external disk and you have a very nice HTPC.

This could bring a complete Media Center solution with TV-functionallity, an electronic program guide and a large user base to the Mac before Apple gets its act together and completes Front Row. But both CenterStage and MediaCentral seems to be alive and kicking. Maybe sticking to native OSX is a good idea after all? I need to get hold of a MacMini to do some tests…

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Run WinXP on a Mac

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