just got some cheap ad-space


My friend Mykle just sold his MSN Display Picture for $122,50. The lucky winner of the auction on eBay was Norwegian search engine

Now, every time Mykle logs on MSN messenger the logo of shows up above all windows on about 50 computers automatically.

Every time Mykle chats with someone the logo of will be there loud and clear stating that “Mykle supports – better search”.

At $122 that’s a bargain if you ask me. just got some cheap ad-space

9 thoughts on “ just got some cheap ad-space

  1. Tomas says:


    I’ve turned off the automatic popup when contacts log on to msn. Isn’t that the norm? In which case, the only time anyone will see the picture is when you chat to the person, and is IF you have the pictures turned on as well…

    just my 2 øre.

  2. Yes, people turn off automatic popups. They turn off the picture. They use other clients to talk to MSN.

    Still a cool stunt. An example that could both be used in a serious discussion about the ethics of commercials and as a funny example of a creative idea.

  3. Marius says:

    Yes, many use various IM-clients, but more and more clients support MSN pictures.

    I have disabled the pop-up when someone logs on, but not when someone talks to me.

    We will probably see more of these ads in time.

  4. Totally off-topic, but Eirik: You have today been spotted in a video-presentation of the Technical Department at NRK. I went to a presentation of the department at NTNU today 🙂

  5. LOL. In the background up there in the famous NRK Restaurant? With a young Mr. Fossbakk presenting the nice premises?

    …or have they secretly filmed me at my desk or something?

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