Experimenting with Lightbox for WordPress

Most of the pictures in this blog are thumbnails with a bigger version of the picture behind it. If you click the picture it will simply open the large version in a blank page.

There is a nice java script based plugin for WordPress that gives a bit of extra functionallity for pictures. When you click a thumbnail the bigger version will open on top of the same page with the rest of the page “dimmed”.

The question is: what do you think?
Leave a comment here if you have any thoughts…

The plugin seems to automatically work on all pictures in this blog. Click around and have a look. Should I leave it on, or would you like the good old “open-the-picture-in-a-blank-page”…?

You can try it here by clicking on one of these images (you can simply click it again to close it):

Matterhorn and a plane 3883 meters above sea level

Some info about the images. Taken above Zermatt, Switzerland. With a Canon S2 IS.

The one to the left is the top of Matterhorn. Snapped at the right moment when a plane passed by. The one to the right is at the top of Rothorn. 3883 meters above sea level. Move slowly…

Experimenting with Lightbox for WordPress

11 thoughts on “Experimenting with Lightbox for WordPress

  1. Lasse Elden says:

    The plugin looks good, but you have to wait for the picture, if you have slow internet-contection it could take some time. You also have to wait for the picture to read more. In new window you can go back to the text-page and read more and then go to the picture.

    Your choice Mr. Solheim!!

  2. Are you sure? The main Eirikso.com page is horribly heavy. The javascript is the last thing loading, so if you click an image before the whole page has loaded you will simply get a regular blank page with the image.

  3. Interesting. Safari for Mac and Firefox for PC are IMHO the best browsers out there. I know that Safari might have some compatibility issues with certain technologies, but this little script even works in the most horrible web browser of them all, Internet Explorer…

    Anyway, it’s nice to know that it defaults to the original functionallity of showing the picture in a plain page if the browser refuse to support the lightbox javascript.

  4. Øyvind S says:

    Same for IE7 beta as with Safari – it opens the big picture in the same screen, and I have to press the back button to return to the main page.

  5. Seems like the lightbox script has some compatibility issues…

    it opens the big picture in the same screen, and I have to press the back button to return to the main page

    This is the default functionallity in this blog when lightbox is not activated. I don’t like the picture to pop up in a new window that you have to close. I find it better to be able to click the picture to enlarge it, then hit the back button to get back to the original page.

  6. PS Games says:

    The pictures loaded quickly on dsl. I like how the picture enlarges while the background goes a bit dark (focus completely on the picture).

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