Friday funny commercial roundup

Germans. They’re funny. Yes they are. Really.

A lot of you have already seen these, but it’s time for a little friday rerun. Peter Stormare as a freaked out German engeneer. Three spots. Then a little dramatic fun while sinking.

Friday funny commercial roundup

6 thoughts on “Friday funny commercial roundup

  1. And because this post is all about simple fun, then I’ll use this excellent translator to translate the last comment from Norwegian to English:

    Hahah, kommer ikke over gliset på Stormare i den tredje filmen rett før han trykk på knappen.

    According to InterTran this translates into:

    Hahah , am not arriving above gliset at Stormare in it third movie just before he accents at the button.

    Nothing is like a cheap computer based translation. 🙂

    But yes, Stormare is totally fantastic!

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