Eirikso at the Nordic Media Festival

Nordiske Mediedager

I am going to speak at the Nordic Media Festival in Bergen next week. About the future of home entertainment, the new media consumer and the challenges for the television industry. The presentation will be in Norwegian and you find the details here. You can also have a look at the other speakers here.

I was looking forward to listen to Matt Stone and Trey Parker. The creators of South Park. Unfortunately they are speaking at a session that is parallel to mine. Meaning that I can’t listen to them and my session just got the worst competition possible at this event. I better be good. People opting out from Mr. Stone and Mr. Parker because they want to listen to me should really get an interesting presentation!

If I find the time for it I’ll post the presentation here using the format I did for my presentation at the Norwegian Computer Society.

Eirikso at the Nordic Media Festival

2 thoughts on “Eirikso at the Nordic Media Festival

  1. Cool Eirik!

    Good luck with your spech and don’t forget! You are listed before KÃ¥re Valebrokk and Idar Vollvik on the presentation on the web-site.

    Wish I could see you speaking, but Bergen is too far away for that. You might record it and stream it on this site???

  2. Welcome to Bergen – If you get the same weather as we have today I would strongly recommend a pint or two on the pier at Kulturhuset USF! 🙂

    Great subject. Btw. could you tell them to scrap the new digital broadcasting network since it is so not in tune with the needs for the next generation media consumers?

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