Problem with Bloglines and PNG

Bloglines problem with PNG
The problem is not PNG. As stated in the comment from Ben Lowery it is a CSS issue. I am truly impressed by the fact that the good people at Bloglines actually found this post on my blog, read it as a bug report and actually fix the problem. Now that is what I call customer support!

Original post
I have quite a bit of readers subscribing to this blog through Bloglines. It seems like Bloglines has a problem when displaying pictures in the PNG format. All the slides in my previous post turns up with a very wrong aspect. I have changed the files to JPG and will keep using JPG in the future to avoid this annoying problem.

And while I am at it. I really recommend you to subscribe to my feed. I am not updating this blog daily, so checking back all the time to look for something new can be a bit boring.

You can sign up for my email update, or use any RSS feed reader to subscribe. You can read more about RSS here and find all links and forms for the subscription alternatives here. Of course I promise that you won’t get any spam!

Problem with Bloglines and PNG

2 thoughts on “Problem with Bloglines and PNG

  1. Hi there,

    It’s actually a bad interaction between the class on the img tag (“left”) and our css. I’ve changed our stylesheet, which should get pushed out to production in the next few days, barring anything odd. Thanks for reporting the issue.

  2. I am impressed. Thank you for the information. I have seen this bug before and it is very nice that you fix it.

    Huge amounts of honour and respect for the fact that you found this post on my blog and are now correcting the problem. I guess you simply subscribe to a Technorati feed on everything that mention Bloglines, but still it is extremely good customer support to take this seriously and even throw a comment on the detail of the problem and the fact that you will fix it.

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