The celebrity oystercatcher

If you are an oystercatcher and decides to place your nest on top of the science building of the university of Bergen you are up for some fame. A pair of oystercachers has decided that this is a good idea. They have been there several years and the very scientific people at the university distributed the hatching through a web cam last year. New this year is high quality live video streaming.

Due to the very long days during the Norwegian summer you will get quite nice shots even late evenings and early mornings. The picture in this article is from 10:42 PM.

The students and the people working at the university are serious about this, so both the webcam snapshot quality and the video streaming are of very high quality.

The eggs are estimated to hatch in the end of May / beginning of June. You’ll have to be there frequently because the kids leave their nest after a couple of days.

Link to the main page with web cam and instructions for the live streaming (english).

Link to a Norwegian article about the show.

Link to the wikipedia entry for oystercatcher

The live streaming is available on all platforms through the free VLC media player. Both as multicast and as unicast.

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(Thanks to my mother for pointing me to this. Yes, my retired mother! Is that cool or what?)

The celebrity oystercatcher

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