Site down for a while

I am very sorry for the inconvenience, but went down when my post about how to make simple illustrations reached the front page of

I am currently communicating with the support team over at Dreamhost to find out what went wrong. I have been digged, boingboing’ed and flabbergasted before without any problems.

824 people digged the story before they had to remove it from the front page because my site was down. I had about 17 000 pageloads in a short while, even with my site down most of the time.

Having a blog that can’t handle links from sites that most bloggers only dream about is of course unacceptable. I’ll have to get som answers from my hosting comany…

Site down for a while

6 thoughts on “Site down for a while

  1. congrats buddy 🙂

    hope it really was the digg-flood and not the dns issues from yesterday.
    your small tut indeed was interesting. guess most folks had no idea
    how easy it is to come up with something cool on their own.

    great that you posted about it and not kept it a secret 😉

    way to go eirik!

  2. Priceless!

    Well, this is the original text from this post translated 10 times:

    Very sad for the dispersion, but to being discend,
    when realizz of the mine of the tree of the trowel of the beginning
    for the simple figure pagination of the average form of the method,
    before the present square formed the sustenation with
    Dreamhost more, for scopr, of that false one that gir.

    That digged, boingboing’ed and payment of fiss not without the people of 824 problems digged in advance history, before this argu of dov he in
    advance pagin of the payment, because the place of the mine for the
    inferior one of I approximately 17,000 of pageloads

    During, with mine of great short circuits more smoothly of the superficial section of under the more possible one of the regular time of the place in winch of this blog for the place of the connection of can’t of the elabor
    this nao natural of the dream of the acceptable approach of bloggers
    of the greeting of the majority only comany of the mine of the sound
    of ricev of the answer of dov of.

  3. Asbjørn Ulsberg says:

    Since I’m a Dreamhost customer myself, could you be so kind and explain the outcome and answer from them about this downtime?

  4. The excuse was a combination of problems at that exact time. My site should under normal conditions survive being digged. And I have reason to believe them. In January I was on both Digg, BoingBoing, I-am-bored and a bunch of other high trafficed sites at the same time without any problems.

    Still, being digged today is something different from being digged in january. I am not completely at ease before I have seen my site survive Digg, Slashdot or something similar one more time…

    If I sould be lucky enough to end up on one of those sites again and my site goes down I am off for another host.

  5. Asbjørn Ulsberg says:

    I’ve gotten mixed responses and experiences from several friends I have that uses Dreamhost and are myself not 100% happy with their service. It’s very hard to complain when you compare their service and prices with other hosts, but the woolen responses some have gotten for weird incidents like the one you experienced have made me a bit suspicious. Let’s hope they have pulled their act together and don’t screw up again. Changing hosts is such a PITA after all.

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