Controlling your media center from your mobile phone

6630 controlling MCE
Salling Clicker is this fantastic program that lets you control your presentations from your mobile phone. It will show you a preview of your next slide on the phone’s screen and works very well through bluetooth.

Salling Clicker consist of a small program that you install on your Mac or Windows machine and a client software that you install on your mobile phone or PDA. It can communicate through bluetooth or WLAN.

By default it can control a range of players and softwares on your computer. It can also be extended with third party plugins.

It controls Windows Media Player very well. Because WMP is the basis for Windows Media Center Edition it will actually also control the music module of your media center very well.

According to the forum over at the developer are working on a special module for Windows Media Center Edition as well.

Currently only one client can be connected at any time. If you connect with a new phone or PDA while another is already connected it will automatically disconnect the other one. I would really like to see a possibility for connecting several clients.

Salling Clicker seems like a very well built program, and connecting the devices was extremely easy.

First I tested it by controlling the music in my media center through WLAN and a Toshiba e805 PDA. No problem.

So I bought a cheap USB based bluetooth device and connected it to my Media Center. It installed immediately without having to add any drivers. One minute later, and I can controll my the music in my media center from my Nokia 6630. Nice.

Looking forward to that native MCE support in Salling Clicker!

…and now I have to start playing around with a connection from Salling Clicker to Girder to give myself complete control of my media center from my Nokia…

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PDA controlling MCE

Controlling your media center from your mobile phone

5 thoughts on “Controlling your media center from your mobile phone

  1. Hi Eirik,

    As a subscriber, I couldn’t help but notice that you have never tried PlayerPal on your quest for MCE remote control!

    PlayerPal gives you web based remote control of Windows Media Player or iTunes, so you can turn any device with a browser into a remote. I use a PDA and my PSP. Others use the Nokia 770 & Philips iPronto.

    I’d love to know what you think if you have time! Details are on the PlayerPal website.



  2. Thank you! This looks very interesting and I will give it a try as soon as I have the time. A bit busy now during summer, but expect to see something here in a couple of weeks.

  3. Yes, it’s a very high quality piece of software. But I have a problem with battery life when it is connected through bluetooth. Seems like the connection is communication constantly.

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