Virtual soccer

Another video from Siggraph 2001. A green screen, a camera and a game. This is why green will be the next big thing for your living room walls (or… wait a minute. This video is five years old).

Link to video on YouTube

Virtual soccer

4 thoughts on “Virtual soccer

  1. Because automatic and free web based translation is so utterly lame I will give my english speaking readers a translation for the comment above:

    Not to degrade you or any , but the header at bloggen din memories awfully about designed at facts halvfascistiske magazine Nation & Civilization. Only check saw am comprehending you what I considers!

    What he is trying to say is that one of my top banners makes my blog look dangerlously like another norwegian web page with a very political content placed far out to the right.

    The top banner he is talking about is this one:

    And he is completely right. This right wing web site has used a picture from the same park, the Gustav Vigeland sculpture park.

    As I state in my article about the park:
    “There have been some discussions around the fact that the statues mostly show the so called “Aryan” editions of our species. Who cares? When the park is filled with people this place resembles one of the most international and open places in Norway.”

    So I can understand why the web site mentioned use a picture from this park as their top banner. I still think that this park is a beautiful place and will not put any political message behind any of my top banners.

    The images at the top of my page rotate at random and if they contain any kind of message it must be that they communicate some of my interests.

    Kudos to Brage for having a very “visual thinking mind” noting the similarity. If that picture from the Gustav Vigeland sculpture park was my only top banner I would consider doing something. If you add the fact that a known nazi in Norway has a name that sounds a lot like mine I might have to be especially careful with any messages in that direction…

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