More videos from Siggraph 2001

This year’s Siggraph starts in less than a week. It’s time to finish off my little series of videos from the 2001 conference and make room for new and interesting stuff from Boston next week.
First, another computer game controller experiment. You control the game by moving the different shapes in front of the screen. Link to video.
And another pretty advanced multi player computer game. It’s 3D and is controlled by sensors in the 3D glasses and a special glove. Link to video.
Then a little bit of art. You sit down in front of the screen with a headset with a microphone. Say a word, for example “elephant” and the system starts finding pictures of elephants on the internet and let them fly over the screen. Two persons can play at the same time. In each end of the screen. Then you can have pictures of elephants flying towards pictures of dogs… Link to video.
Then some physical movement communicated through the internet. Place the sensors somewhere, connect to the internet and place the second set another place on this planet, also connected. Move one of the sets and the other one will move exactly in the same manner.

Very nice if you want to wave goodnight to your grandmother in Japan through movement with a robot teddy bear. Link to video.

And last but not least, the scary vision. There is no water left on earth and all you have is this virtual shower. Fortunately, my camera didn’t get wet. Link to video.

More videos from Siggraph 2001

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