Sony ripping off my idea

Possibly not, but four years ago I travelled through Alsace in France with a digital camera and a Garmin GPS. After the trip I matched the time stamps in the GPS track with the time stamps of the images from my camera. Giving me a pretty exact position of where all my pictures where taken. By using some software I was also able to place all the pictures on a map.

I documented this here more than a year ago.

Now Sony has made a device that does exactly this. Cool! I should have been working for Sony… 🙂

(Thanks, Dr. Strømme)

Sony ripping off my idea

5 thoughts on “Sony ripping off my idea

  1. atle says:

    actually, there are even cameras coming along with the gps tagging intergrated…
    as blogged by o’reily ; “Ricoh Pro G3 GPS Camera–it’ll take 3Mpixel photos and embed the coordinates of where you took them.”

    and gps unit with camera

    but the Sony dongle looks nice for using with whatever camera(s) you have – if the battery is good enough to just keep it in the bag all day

  2. Yes. I think you’ll see more cameras with built in GPS coming along. It’s a good idea as long as the GPS is fast and can find the position immediately when you take the camera out of its bag.

    Still I really like the Sony solution. It could be used with nearly all digital cameras. My TomTom bluetooth GPS has a battery life of about 12 hours, so I don’t think that should be a problem.

    However, Sony itself might be a problem. They’re not known for being very open. Here, they could make a generic product that everybody with a digital camera could use, but I guess they’ll do whatever they can to make sure the software will only work with Sony cameras…

  3. atle says:

    Some updated information, based on a press release from Sony Norway:

    Adds gps in the file, can be used with the software “Sony Picture Motion Browser”

    Registers information every 15 seconds, batterylife 10 hrs, storage 31mb

    GPS-CS1 works with the new Sony Cybershot models (from august 06) and Handycam videocam and Sony Alpha 100 D-SLR.

    US price of USD 150, release in Norway during August

    (via ITAvisen)
    Sony blurb

  4. Nice. Not open. Not even support for all Sony Cameras. What’s the problem? As far as I know all digital cameras give images a time stamp. Using the approach that I did after my trip to Alsace Sony could have made a device and a piece of software that supported all known digital cameras.

    Or do I miss something important here?

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