True 3D “image”

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This might not look very impressive, but it is. By using lasers and all kinds of projection technologies we have seen different kinds of 3D images before, but all of them rely on something that reflect the light so that you can see the image.

Some of the most real looking and impressive versions of the holographic effects that you can see in movies like StarWars have been done using lasers and smoke in the room to reflect the image.

3D Display
Image copyright

But what if you want a 3D image to appear in thin air? With nothing to reflect the light? Nobody has done that before using laser plasma this way.

That’s why the simple dots of light that you can see in this video are impressive. This is the Nipkow Disk of the 21st century. We’re on to something here. Before you know it Princess Leia will be right in your room praying Obi-Wan to help her.

Credits go to:
Burton-jp, Uchi Yama – Keio University, AIST

True 3D “image”

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