Automatic transfer of files from Media Center to iPod and PSP

I haven’t tried this one out yet, but another product from Pegasys is already my favourite video encoding tool. I use TMPGENc Xpress 4.0 for most of my high quality video encoding already.

VideoSync from the same guys seems like a promising product. It supports DVR-MS files from Windows Media Center Edition (in addition to a bunch of other formats).

The most interesting feature is the possibility to set up a watch folder. Meaning that you can tell the software to constantly watch a folder on your computer and immediately start transcoding and publishing to your favourite mobile device if a new file arrives in this folder.

You find a very detailed list of alternative methods of transfering video to your iPod here. And a related post on here

Automatic transfer of files from Media Center to iPod and PSP

6 thoughts on “Automatic transfer of files from Media Center to iPod and PSP

  1. Its amazing what you put out here on your site! Do you miss anything?!

    Trying out a trial of TMPGEen right now. Have you tried DVRMSToolbox or Power Compress? Power Compress works with Win MCE and outputs wmv files of the original dvr-ms. DVRMSToolbox outputs MPEG etc.

  2. Power Compress cost 24 Euro and is (at least on my pc) slow. But you can setup for high priority for converting and auto convert. It reduces the files size to 10% off original file size.

    But when having transfered MPEG to my xbox (old version) it sometimes just stop without reason (have happened on my pc as well). Why?

    Whats this Revver thing?

  3. Lasse Elden says:

    Any experience using Xbox as a video/media palyer on a old tv?
    When I transfer recorded tv-shows in wmv-format, it don’t play from my old Xbox which is modded.

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