Quick image comparison – Nokia N80 vs N73

I just did a very quick image quality comparison between the Nokia N80 (left picture) and the Nokia N73 (right picture). Snapped one picture with each camera. Under quite poor conditions. Both are 3 megapixels.

For me it seems like the two biggest differences in addition to the form factor on these two phones are better image quality but no WLAN on the N73.

So what do you want – WLAN or high quality images? As usual, we want both. Good camera and WLAN…

You can download the original pictures here.

Quick image comparison – Nokia N80 vs N73

29 thoughts on “Quick image comparison – Nokia N80 vs N73

  1. If I have to choose, I agree. I’ll have to wait until TomTom Navigator gets updated to a version that supports the N80, but because of the WLAN that one is the winner so far. Even with the quite noticeable difference in picture quality.

  2. Bryan says:

    Yah… I am quite disappointed by the lack of WLAN on the N73. Too bad, it could have been a killer phone due to the cool form factor and the carl zeiss 3.2 mp camera with autofocus. Currently, i own an N70 and would like to upgrade my phone soon. Still, i am considering either N73 or N80. Will choose soon. Nice site!

  3. Totally agree. The N73 is close but no cigar. No WLAN, no winner.

    Reports from my coworkers with the N80 says that the combination of a good podcast client and WLAN totally rocks. There seems to be some issues regarding the not-so-seamless switching between WLAN and the other connection types, but I guess things will be fixed with a firmware update.

    And, it drains the batteries quite fast. With phone, WLAN and bluetooth enabeled all the time you have to charge every night.

  4. erfan anwar says:

    Problem is that the N80 doesn’t feel like a mobile whilst holding it. It’s the whole body which makes it so uncomfortable, and if you were to research about its camera you will find out that it has a poor quality, infact I will personally grade it as a 2 mega pixal.

    Then just below it, there is a ‘lever’ which is relates itself to the camera, that is the core reason why it feels so horrible to hold. It makes make me wonder about the people who designed the damn thing.

    The WLan that everyone is so excited about has one fault in it, it doesnt turn off…so matey your battery is gonna down…right down.

    My recommendation is to avoid buying this go for the N70, 7
    3, 90, 93 or even a PDA is size isn’t a factor

    Over and out…

    Erfan Anwar

  5. erfan anwar from Pakistan says:

    Nokia N80 is a failure in terms of Camera resolution. Infact my brother has the N70 and guess what it takes sharper images then N80.

    Nokia have tried to fool the public by boasting about it, indeed this deception is played by almost all vendors, look at microsoft they invented Win ME and what a failure…they too promised the public that its better than Win 98. Now its time for the new deception Win Vista.

    The mobile has a unusual screen resolution, though it makes the image, font characters more clearer but it at the same time fools you on the camera shots you have taken. It makes you think that it has taken a excellent snapshot. It is until when you put it onto the PC (via USB Cable) that you realise that its crap.

    So guys avoid it.

    erfan anwar

  6. cezzar says:

    my n80 actually takes real good quality pics. i’ve printed them out through kodak already and i can say they’re better than the pics i’ve taken with my w900/w800 (but not in not-so-well-lit areas though). vid quality is a bit worse than my n90’s but still passable

  7. Erfan Anwar says:

    Hmmm, interesting. The K800i has a better image handling in terms of camera; it has a autofocus facility and image stabilizer. So take that snapshot again with K800i but this time stay still and what excellent pictures it gives you.
    K800i is a killer and the N80 is a joke. I’ve just brought the K800i and compared it with N80.
    The simple OS software wasn’t made for the N80 because its slow handling swtching from one area to another eg Camera to Applications etc…
    I suggest you guys should goto http://www.gsmarena.com/3mp_test_nokia_n80_se_k800-review-79.php
    interms of camera and see how better k800i is.

    Over and Out

    Erfan Anwar

  8. vinnie says:

    each to their own i guess.. i would pick an n80 over a k800i as im not a fan of taking pictures with my phone. the resolution of the n80 screen is astonishing, it completely poops all over 240×320. symbian os is always a plus for me. the battery life isn’t that bad at all either, i can last about 2 days with bt turned off and moderate use of wlan. i’m not sure why everyone is complaining about it, as it does much better compared to my hp pda when i’m using wifi. the phone is just packed with features that will never bore you, compared to a friends k800i which is just a boring phone imo, the only thing exciting about a cybershot is it’s camera quality and flash.

  9. For the k800i:

    Memory Stick Microâ„¢ (M2â„¢) support

    No thanks… Out of the question. For a good camera I would go for the N73 for huge amounts of features I would go for the N80.

  10. […] Originally Posted by zhopudey ^^ but have you seen pics from n80? No, But i’ve heard on n80 they come out hazy n’ all Here this quick image comparison should add to your doubts eirikso.com » Quick image comparison – Nokia N80 vs N73 ————————- Advertisement ————————- __________________ Achtung Baby […]

  11. I have taken some pictures with my mobil! Its SE K750i! That don’t impress much I belive!

    But when I tying to download/transfer a sound-clip that I have taken it’s in “.amr”-format! Whats this and does anyone have any experience with converting it?


  12. blue_ghost says:

    Why every one is avoiding the nokia n 80? i have used both nokia n 80 & n 73!! but i found the only difference is in WLAN!!! No lan in n73!! N 80 looks kins of a business phone to me!! & its almost like u can do anything with it!! but in n73 looks like a toy phone more than a cell phone!!! i agree n 80 is bit bigger!!! but u got everything in nokia n 80!!! i would prefer n 80 more than n 73 in features!! but if u like taking pictures then n 73 is perfect!!!

  13. jas says:

    actually i have a n73 but im thinking right now to change it to n80, coz the wifi kinda rocks to me, but when i heard the both sides i conclude that n73 is much more superior than n80


    1st in phil. internet browsing is so cheap in mobile so i dont nid wifi anymore
    2nd i dont like the slide design its so cheap
    3rd the cam and it got 3megapixel unlike 3.2m of n73

    thats all JESUS bless us

  14. chanbri says:

    what’s the prob with people saying the n80 is only 3mp while n73 has 3.2mp? they both have 3.15mp resolution pics.

  15. Anyway, it’s the optics that makes the difference here. Carl Zeiz with autofocus (N73) and “something” with no autofocus (N80). In other words: decent on N73 and crap on N80.

  16. Renjith Joseph says:

    Dear All,
    I am having a Nokia N80. I will give some images taken from my phone for your referance if you want, All are of highest quality (3 MP) . The image which showed above was intentionaly taken, or he dont know how to take images on mobile camers. kindly mail me, if you want that photos. N80 is the best phone than N73.
    Especially the screen resolution, W LAN and compact size. N73 screen size is 2.4 inch but resolution is low compared to N80. My e mail id is :renjith.nestle(at)gmail.com

  17. The images where taken at the same spot at the same time. Both with default adjustments and best quality. The optics on the N73 is far better than the N80. If you want the best of both worlds, buy an N95. It’s the phone I currently own.

  18. duke says:

    n73 has superior camera compared to n80 (n73 got autofocus and carl zeiss optic which n80 lacks of).no doubt n73 photo is sharper than n80.

    n73 screen size is bigger (i mean screen size, not resolution) and color is vivid, which makes it feel more comfortable when taking and viewing pics.but n73 doesnt have wlan (quiet dissappointing me).though 3g can be the substitute of wlan.

    if u like taking pics, then n73 is excellent….if u like to browse internet via wlan, then n80 is better. for me, i like n73 cos i usually take photo with my phone, which is convinient. i seldom browse internet or download stuff from mobile phone..

    if u got plenty of money and like both n73 and n80, then n95 is the best..(n95 lacks of optical zoom). if u like video recording with optical zoom, then n93 is better..

  19. N73 is a good cell, if you use it it will increase public respect cause it looks like a buisness cell:)), N80 is a good cell to but young generation likes it more than N73

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