Yahoo Go for TV just updated

YahooGO TV main screen

There’s a new beta of Yahoo Go for TV out. The update includes:

  • Picture in picture viewing capabilities (sounds cool!)
  • View personal Flickr photostreams
  • Support for more tuner/capture cards
  • Overall user experience improvements (responsive and consistency of menus and navigation, video player and network experience)
  • Movie recommendations
  • Ability to access shared music from your local network

I haven’t had the time to check it out, and I really would like to see a version that would work in Norway as well, but I’ll give it a go and anyone with a working US proxy: feel free to contact me!  🙂

You find my first experience with this software here.

Thanks Dave and Jeff

Yahoo Go for TV just updated

3 thoughts on “Yahoo Go for TV just updated

  1. Update:
    Pablo is answering:

    I think some sites are being reshuffled – it is a temporary mistake and not intentional.

    Puh! I have faith in this product and believe it could become a success. We need nice applications to bring internet content to the TV screen!

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