Presentations in October

Shouting to the worldI’m going to speak at several events during October. I will talk about the future of the broadcast industry and how democratization of technology, distribution and production is changing traditional media.

I will bring up issues like DRM, blogging, user generated content, the long tail and the actual reasons for new technology to fail or succeed.

As far as I know all these presentations will be done in the huge and well known language of Norwegian. In November I will be in Poland speaking for MediaGeniX in english, but I think your best bet if you want to catch up on these issues would be to follow

And, because I listen to what my very cool readers have to say you can even shape my presentations yourself by commenting here as I post on the issues mentioned.

This is some of my presentations for October:

And – yes, I still need to post the rest of the presentation in Bergen this spring…  🙂

Presentations in October

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