Working with one slide

I am sitting here working on a presentation. Then I decided to share an example of how I just worked with one single slide. Here we go: In my presentation I am going to talk about four ways to determine the size and potential influence of a blog. This is the first slide I made as an introduction to that part of the presentation:

This is pretty clear, but boring. I needed an illustration. So, I grab my digital camera, find a yardstick and snap a picture. Because I had decided to post an article on this I timed the whole process. Six minutes. From the point where I decided to make an illustration to the image was in the presentation. Yes, it’s the most obvious illustration of them all, but it works. And now this image is in my repository for later use as well. And, because this blog is creative commons licensed it is available for non commercial use here. If I for some lucky reason hit someone that would like to use it commercially you can buy a full resolution version for $25,- here.

Okay, back to the presentation.

But this is still not a very good slide. I am going to tell my audience that I will show them four ways to determine the size and importance of a blog. Why print it on my slide? This can be made simpler…

Better, but the illustration practically screams “size” alone. Maybe I should write “influence” instead? Or maybe remove the text completely?

I’ll have to think that one over…

And what are these four tools to determine the size and potential influence of a blog? Well, that will have to be my next article here…

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Working with one slide

5 thoughts on “Working with one slide

  1. …or you could just illustrate it with four different tools! You could use inches and foot and ” for example. Then you also could illustrate that it contains more or less info or size in this example!

  2. Yepp! I gave him one (cheap in plastic) and thats the only one that is not broken – ironic isn’t it!

    By the way! When I come to think about it, you ment size in matter of pictures presented in a blog?! I though more of picture in matter of file size. The above sugestion is then probably not a good example.

    If you take web-pages for papers, they tend to use big pictures on front news (see “fotball” at, where they use big fonts in their paper version. Why?????

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