Some links for my latest presentations

Eirikso EBU Connect
Okay, so this image is a bit old. It’s from my speech at EBU Connect in Croatia this spring, but it is very difficult to snap pictures of myself while speaking, so I didn’t have any images from my latest presentations…

For the last couple of weeks I have done a lot of them. For very interesting, diverse and utterly intelligent audiences. It’s a privilege to be able to meet so many interesting and skilled people. After all presentations people keep asking about a copy of my slides. Because I use a presentation style completely free for bullet points and complex technical charts the slides are not worth much unless you remember every word I said. For my presentations the slides are only a set of illustrations.

I try to post as much as possible on this blog and here are some links that discuss parts of the issues I have been talking about lately:

Articles related to my presentation
The power of citizen journalism
Content isn’t king
When will a new technology break through?
Helpful clues for the media industry
Understanding a new channel
Predicting the future
The convergence that makes things difficult
Commercials gone wild
The future of TV distribution
Five ways to check a web site
The Long Tail in your living room
Viral Ads: It’s an Epidemic
Kjøpe en iPod Nano
Some essential blogs to read
A brand new video channel!

I am also interested in presentation styles and skills. I have posted some thoughts on what I think makes a good presentation. You find some of them here:
Two essential tricks in PowerPoint
How to avoid making boring presentations
How to make illustrations

For my regular readers all of this is old thoughts. If you want to keep yourself updated the best thing to do is to subscribe to my email updates or my RSS-feed. You find the information you need here.

Some links for my latest presentations

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