Eirikso on norwegian radio: “Kurer”

Recently I was interviewed for a radio program on NRK called Kurer.  It’s as simple as a radio show about radio. Yes. Radio history, culture, technology and future. But also a program about media and for this show about the future of media in general.

It’s in Norwegian, so 75% of my readers will have difficulties understanding the content. Sorry about that. However, for my regular readers there won’t be anything really new in there. If you read this blog you’re already an expert on the future of media…  🙂

The show will be aired through dinosaur radio (DAB and FM) on NRK P2 on saturday (November 4.) at 12:03 with a rerun on monday (November 6.) at 13:03. For the readers of this blog I think the following information is more interesting:

Listen to it live at the mentioned times in the NRK radio player or find the program on the web as soon as it is published. You can also subscribe to the Kurer podcast. For those of you running iTunes you can subscribe easily using this link.

I haven’t heard the show myself but we had an interesting chat and I hope it will give the listeners an impression of the interesting times we’re in right now.

The show is now available for playback or download here.

Eirikso on norwegian radio: “Kurer”

7 thoughts on “Eirikso on norwegian radio: “Kurer”

  1. Hi, listened to the “kurer” podcast (as usual) and liked your talking – also my partner did – who sometimes may seem annoyed about my interest in tech stuff etc. With “your” segment there was a reference to a video at Youtube – you wouldn’t happen to know which it was?

  2. Hello!

    Put this comment in this artichel, but it migh suite well in other as well.

    Could you give me a quick roundup on what software you use for rss, feeds or what ever all this i named?

    I have tried some, but cant get a system for it. Have any ideas on what software I should use? Would be nice if you put in some comments on you experiences!?!

    By the way! Do you know if it possible to have two or more blogs on one domain(server). I think I’m aware that the site adress must be something like this: http://www.elden.be/new blog… right? I use WordPress, so where shall i put it? in a folder on “root” of my domain?

  3. This is just for sites right?!

    What about podcast and video. I have juste read that http://www.nrk.no has put out some tv-programs as .rss. Any tips for software for that?

    Have tried winamp and iTunes, but they have all sort of other facillities that I don’t need. Want to keep it simple and have full view of whats happening. Google Reader seems nice, except how do you delete just one .rss/artichel? Clicked “mark as read” and then they all disapeared!

  4. Yes, that’s also a good one. I used that one before, but have ended up with Google Reader after they updated it this summer.

    For video podcasts played on your computer I would recommend Democracy Player. For audio and video podcasts that I play on the road I actually use iTunes because that works very well on my new mac and plays fine with my iPod.

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