The ultimate geek house

Lab in delft
Okay. It’s a lab. Not a house. But while visiting the excellent people at the Tribler project over at the university of Delft in Holland this building caught my attention. Mostly because of the architecture. Looks pretty cool. And when you consider the utterly geeky stuff they do in there it gets even better:

* Eutectic freeze crystallisation
* Ionic liquids
* Scale prevention
* Scale removal by ultrasound
* Protein precipitation
* Protein drying
* Supercritical dyeing
* Supercritical textile dry cleaning
* Supercritical metal extraction
* Capture of particulate matter
* Carbon dioxide sequestration
* Foaming of plastics
* Cannabis isolation
* In line purification
* Extractive crystallisation

At least one of the activities listed is something that I think is quite special for a Dutch university. More details here. If you add the fact that some of the students live in condos like the ones in the image below you would expect cool stuff to come out of this university.

Student Condo

So, have a look at Tribler. A BitTorrent client that you will see more of in the future. They have some pretty interesting features coming up.

The ultimate geek house

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