A new gadget and a promise

Marius Arnesen Long exposure London

Yes, I have returned from the Future of Web Apps conference. And I will post an article with some impressions.

And I have invested in a new gadget. Let’s see if you can guess what it is. It’s not me in that image, but I shot it. And in theory you find the answer in the exif data of the image.

And the person in the image? No other than Mr. HappyGoLucky himself.

You find the image that Mr. HappyGoLucky is shooting here.

A new gadget and a promise

13 thoughts on “A new gadget and a promise

  1. Lars says:

    Maybe I’ll not up-to-date, but as far as I know you did not have a digital SLR camera…

    The EXIF says it’s shot with a Canon 400D, so maybe a “CONGRATULATION !” is required?

    If that’s considered a “gadget”… I would.

  2. Yepp. A Canon 400D. But the most important thing is not reflected in the exif data: Canon EF-S 17-55 2.8 IS. Pretty amazing optics. Guess the Camera needs a separate post as well. I guess Oyvind wouldn’t consider it new, because he knows that I have owned it for a week. The gorillaPod was a good guess though…

  3. Einar says:

    So now you also have a Cannon EOS, but of course a 400D newer and better then mine 300D. Congratulations, nice camera and not at least a nice lens. That would fit my camera? I would like to try it at our next visit.

  4. As far as I know the lens works perfectly well on a 300D. So does the 60mm Macro that I also bought… 🙂

    Have lots of colleagues with Canon cams. And interesting optics. How about a Russian fish eye?
    (Image snapped at the express train from Heatrow to London)

  5. Sigurd says:

    I’m considering the exact same combination of camera/lens, but I’m concerned that it will become very ‘front heavy’ with the rather large lens and the relatively small/light camera body. Ideally I was hoping for an upgrade to the 30D these days to go with that lens. Any comments based on your experience with the Canon EF-S 17-55 2.8 IS / 400D combo?

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