Joost Invites

All my invites have now been passed out to the people linking (see the comments). So, keep an eye on this blog and I’ll let you know when I have some more.

I have recieved some more Joost invites. First come, first served.

Here are the rules:

1. Write an article on your blog with a link to Then write a comment here on this post with a link to the article on your blog. IMPORTANT: Use the email that you want the invite sent to when you comment here.

2. It has to be a blog or website that you have had running for a while. People creating a blog just to be able to post one article and link to eirikso will not qualify.

Joost Invites

43 thoughts on “Joost Invites

  1. Joost do it!

    Have tried the Beta version and I’m not that impressed when it comes to possibilties.
    There are some channels to chose from, but not that many!

    At the moment I have some problems with the serial number, since it looks like I have the same serial as you Eirik. Have contacted Joost in this matter, but have not yet got any feedback!

    Thanx, I ou1!

  2. I am sorry, but as indicated in the update on my post and in the comments here:

    Unfortunately I have no more invites left. I’ll let you know when I get some more.

  3. Hello Eirikso, I read your morning comment of April 14, if by any chance you have any more invites in the future, I would be pleased to receive on from you 🙂

    I posted a topic in a french cinema forum which I am admin,
    here is the link to the article:
    joost invitations

    You can contact me by mail here : baptiste ATT

    Cheers 😉

  4. Bjorn says:

    Could I get one when you receive more? I would be forever grateful, ok maybe just a few weeks…but definately very grateful 😉

  5. Anthony says:

    I will post here when I receive my invite so if I don’t have a posting after this one I haven’t yet received my invite.

  6. Rick Rabert says:

    I would really appreciate a helping hand with an invite…

    Rickrabert at Gmail dot com

  7. Matt says:

    I would love to have an invite as well! Thanks in advance.


  8. I have now given invites to all people in the comments here. Unfortunately I don’t have time to spend my evenings giving out invites so I’ll close the comments.

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