Eirikso speaks

I have done huge amounts of presentations lately and have not been especially clever announcing them here. Sorry about that. So here’s a little update on some of my future speaking egnagements:

April 19th, Oslo, Norway
The presentation will be done in Norwegian. I will be talking about how the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation use social media. My first question would be “What is social media?”. A question that it is nearly impossible to answer. My focus will be how the NRK plan to use the possibilities of two way communication, crowdsourcing and user generated content.

Mediebedriftenes Markedsdager
April 24th, Drammen, Norway
The presentation will be done in Norwegian. About how digital technology change media habits and our life in general.

EBU Connect
May 4th, Lucerne, Switzerland
The presentation will be done in English. Title: “Back to the future”. I presented at EBU Connect in Croatia last year and have been honoured by an invitation for this year as well. I will talk about new media and how it transforms the way we do branding, marketing and communication with our audience.

Rose d’Or
May 8th, Lucerne, Switzerland
The presentation will be done in English. I will talk about what the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation does regarding mobile content.

I have to do a very important presentation for the board of directors at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and needed to change my schedule. Colleague and blogger, Mr. Oyvind Solstad of Brilliantdays will present at the Rose d’Or in my place. I am sure that will be an excellent presentation as well.

Eirikso speaks

3 thoughts on “Eirikso speaks

  1. Sorry, but I am a horribly expensive speaker. 😉

    I’ll promise to do a better job announcing my speaking engagements here. I’ve done presentations at the Westerdals School of Communication, the University of Stavanger, the Norwegian School of Architecture and Design etc… That’s cheaper.

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