Blogres in Ljubljana

(Image by Kim Erlandsen)

A while ago I was invited to do the keynote presentation for the national blog conference in Slovenia, Blogres. I am honored and of course I will use this opportunity to meet some interesting people, see the beautiful country of Slovenia and have fun with the challenge of making a very interesting presentation for the conference. See you in Ljubljana on saturday! 🙂

The official english page for the event is here.

Blogres in Ljubljana

7 thoughts on “Blogres in Ljubljana

  1. haha I know Eirik. I wanted actually to give on my blog a short resume from your lecture in Ljubljana, but I can’t find it. Anyway I remember something like – you have to be: honest… on your blog – and what else?? Uff, I forgot. Anyway you stole my idea with this pictures ahahaha – you know picture from a park. Look at that. I was working in Vienna in Schoenbrunn. Everyday, when I went there, I took a picture. I really loved this place (you’ve been there? – It’s important for slovenian history, since Slovenia was part of Austria 100 years ago and lots of our people worked there etc). Anyway about these pictures – I never got an idea that I should made them from the same place – as you made your pictures from a park.

    But – actually my question was about the second thing – when you were talking about this geeky post – I didn’t really understand that comletely, you know, I am not very geeky person ;), but it seems very interesting – so, can you just live me link to this post or… that I can figure that to the end, please.


    P.S Hey, I give you another picture from Cerkniško jezero which is made from the same place.

  2. I am going to post an article here with my presentation and my images from Ljubljana. I had a very nice stay. Lots of interesting people to meet. Great hospitality. Good food and a beautiful city.

    That very geeky post is about some pretty complicated mathematics regarding images so I can understand that it is difficult to follow. You find my original post here:
    Everything you would ever want to see.

    Anyway, I hope to have my article about Blogres 2007 up soon!

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