McNucle public beta


I like software that let you access your content from wherever you are. The stuff they call placeshifting. 10 000 photos on your computer at home? Want access to them at work? No problem… etc.

I have been running ORB on some of my Windows boxes. An amazing piece of software. For photos I have also tried Sharpcast. A truly remarkable solution as well. Now I just gave McNucle a go on one of the Macintosh computers in our house. It’s a similar solution. Install some software on a computer running at home. Install a browser on the computer you want to use when you access the content. And off you go.

My 60 minute test was enough to install the server. Play around with it. Have some problems and remove it again. I would say that it seems promising, but not completely intuitive. And it’s a beta, so minor problems should be accepted. I will have to follow McNucle and come back when they release a final version. You can download a public beta from their page.

McNucle public beta

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