Up and running!

Moving eirikso
It seems like the name servers around the net have updated and that most of you now can view my new and refreshed eirikso.com

The design is based on Recycled Canvas, but heavily modified by the utterly talented Henrik Lied. Credit also goes to the always helpful Kim Erlandsen and Mr. problem fixer Trond Isaksen.

I am still running this site on WordPress. Using Flickr to publish images and Revver to publish videos.

I have also changed hosting company. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the speed and stability from Dreamhost. So I am trying out A2 Hosting. So far they seem faster and more reliable.

I still have a lot of details that need adjustment. Feel free to comment about any issues or suggestions you have regarding my new design.

Up and running!

7 thoughts on “Up and running!

  1. eirikso says:

    “the pain of DNS server propagation”

    Yes… That irritating time when your site is on two different places depending on how fast the nameservers update. Seems like this took about 24 hours for me.

  2. I’d prefer not to reload the header each time a post is opened. And that the header i fixed, so it is allways at the top of the screen, even if you scroll down. You out effort into your pictures, so why can’t we see them even when reading?

    Forthe right-side “Some of my images”, make its positon to center(centre)???!

    Have found a theme, where the sidebar’s can be “closed”, look: http://www.elden.be/.

    But my first point is what I realy would point out for you, the fixed header!

  3. Thank you. I’ll include all this as suggestions when I do my next update. A lot of details to take care of.

    I tried flock a while ago but went back to Firefox wit a couple of plugins. Maybe I should give flock a go again.

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