Mounting your phone for time lapse photography

When you are experimenting with those time lapse tricks you might want a tip on how to mount your phone. I solved it with some aluminum foil. It can be easily formed to fit any surface and hold any phone. Simple as that. Just make sure you don’t short cut any of the connections at the bottom of your phone.

Now leave it in your window and make stuff like this.

Mounting your phone for time lapse photography

12 thoughts on “Mounting your phone for time lapse photography

  1. hi Eirik, thanks for the cool idea. My old sony camera had a hole in it so I could mount it on my dad’s tripod. I barely use it anymore since I got new cellphone but I haven’t made a timelap vid. since.

    Some parts of your video are really nice, specially the clouds and the fire. just wondering; what interval did you use between shots?

  2. eirikso says:

    I used between 10 and 30 seconds. About 15 seconds for most of the clips. I say “about”, because the phone use some seconds to store the image, so I don’t know the exact interval.

  3. Torgrim Grimstad says:

    Fantastic… weather in the mounts of Norway this summer… shoud have gone to UK as planned, Eirik. ;-D Nice tip though to use rice in stead of metal foil…. If you wanna experement, try a nice flower, daisy i.e., and a small blowtouch. use it gently on the flower between takes, and you will make the flower die in high speed. THEN! Make the video go backwards, and the daisy will burst into life!!! Sweet

  4. eirikso says:

    Yes, the weather hasn’t been too good. But to be honest, I really don’t care. We’ve had two very nice weeks up there. Have even been camping out under the open sky.

    Blowtorch. Flowers. Timelapse. Nice idea.

  5. Fernando from Argentina says:

    Hi, i have a N73 and i have been using your script (with a little mods) and i made a tripod for my phone using Lego’s

    Thanks for all, cheers.

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