Mounting your N95 on the dashboard

After my article about how to entertain your kids with the navigation system in your phone several people have asked how I mount the phone on the dashboard. I use a simple magnetic mount. My wife use one as well, so together with the iPod our dashboard gets slightly crowded with gadgets.

The system consist of a magnet that you mount at the place you want it using a form of double sided tape.

Then you tape a small piece of metal on the back of the phone.

And it will sit nicely on the magnet on your dashboard. I don’t know if this will harm the phone, but I have done it with several models and none of them has been damaged by the magnetic field. The N95 sometimes invokes the mode that would otherwise need you to flip the media playback keyboard open. Exactly when I mount it on the magnet. I guess the switch in the phone that opens that menu when you slide the phone is based on a magnet or something.

Mounting your N95 on the dashboard

7 thoughts on “Mounting your N95 on the dashboard

  1. Per Arild Berge says:

    The only problem with a magnet sticked to your phone occures when you put the phone in your pocket together with your creditcard. I`ve tried that!

  2. eirikso says:

    The magnet is on the dashboard, but I guess the metal plate on the phone builds up some magnetic force as well. Maybe enough to damage a credit card?

  3. Per Arild Berge says:

    I ended up with two “dead” creditcards in London, lucky for me I traveled together with a good friend. Try, they have mounting brackets for everything (I have several on my dashboard)

  4. Well yours car is very futuristic:) I like modern techology but I hate having so much different electronic toys, that we had to have it. I wonder why they dont make just one for all this?

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