Lego Space revisited

The question is how many of my readers that will get full of nostalgia when they see these images? I’m a typical “have to keep this, can be useful sometime”-person. I keep way too much rubbish.

But some things are worth keeping for decades. “Lego Space” from the late seventies / early eighties. In pretty good condition, and huge amounts of fun for my son. Born in this century.

Oh, you didn’t keep yours? And want some. eBay to the rescue! Or maybe you want to go all the way and build something with more than 5000 pieces?

Or you want to indulge in info and history? Lego Space in Wikipedia. The complete collection. Lego Space on Flickr.

Lego Space revisited

8 thoughts on “Lego Space revisited

  1. I have lots and lots of LEGOs, but they are all covered in dust, cause i was making so many different things and always put it on the shelf for everyone to see. Yours are very clean, did you keep them in laboratory or did you clean them up somehow?

  2. eirikso says:

    I have had all the bricks in a box. Fortunately I kept the instruction sheets, so the ones in these images was built the day I took the images.

  3. sigurdf says:

    Ahh – I used to love the stuff! But nostalgia? Nah – more like rekindled anger at my mother who threw away all my (and my brother’s) LEGO as soon as I moved out.. Grrrr!

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